Two types of Horsepower for the Bank Holiday....

07th May 2018

It was Horsepower all the way on Bank Holiday Monday.

My day started with petrol powered horsepower at the GMC&CC Hillclimb, Le Val des Terres. There was power to spare down in the pits as the competitors warmed up their machinery.

The conditions were near perfect for racing with the combination of hot tarmac and sticky rubber allowing full use the power as the racers made their noisy progress up the hill.

What a contrast it was in the afternoon.

I had to make an early exit from the 'Terres at lunchtime as the Guernsey Race Club were running five Horse races at L'Ancresse.

The sun had encouraged hundreds of spectators to the common and they were entertained by horsepower in its purest form.

I photographed the racing in my normal manner... by getting close to the action and I must confess that one horsepower in the form of a thoroughbred race horse is mighty impressive when you feel the wind as it passes at full gallop.

The pics of the mornings man-made power are now online. Tomorrow I'll upload pics of the real thing....