Two V8's means double the fun.....

06th July 2014

What's better than the roar of a loud, racing V8 engine?

Well, TWO of course!

...and the many fans of the Guernsey Powerboat Association's Powerboat racing championship were treated to exactly that over the weekend when Martyn Robert joined Dave Corbet with another V24 Class boat:-)

The second race of the weekend offered more favourable conditions for photography... at least it was sunny! The brighter conditions have a massive impact on the vibrancy we can capture.

For a start the sea actually looks blue, rather than grey, and the race boats colours really come alive. Just compare the picture in my previous Blog to see what I mean.

I chose a different viewpoint for the Sunday as I like to vary the shots. I also had to photograph the 'Motorsport Sunday' on the seafront.

There will be another mention of this brilliant showcase of the Guernsey Motorsport scene in my next Blog.

For now though, you can check-out pics of the two days of water-based racing here: