Two worthy winners....

18th July 2015

Two drivers 'headlined' and entertained the large crowd of spectators gathered at the top of Le Val des Terres for the Guernsey Rounds of the Avon Tyres/TTC Group MSA British Hillclimb Championship.

They produced a spectacle of top-class motorsport that you couldn't have scripted better!

Without doubt... and this isn't a Guernseyman's bias speaking, it was Darren Warwick who produced the finest of the two championship wins.

This was even taking into account that visitor and previous multiple Championship winner, Scott Moran, lowered the outright hill record below 27 seconds for the first time! He has firmly and deservedly made his mark in the record book with a 26.99.

However Scott races a much more powerful and modern car than Darren who doesn't benefit from all the technology. Scott also gets a lot more track-time under his belt as he competes in the full National season.

Darren Warwicks finest moment was when he went on to win Round 22 of the championship beating all the visitors. This win was added to an already impressive second place that Darren had achieved in Round 21.

The Round 22 'Top Twelve Run-off' was also noteable as it included six local drivers. Very impressive. You could say that Guernsey Donkeys pack a pretty hard kick :-)

I've added a quick edit of my pics to this Gallery. More will follow including the Bikes.