UIM World Powerboat Championship here we come.......

09th September 2014

I have a feeling that the latest update to my picture Galleries will be the first of many over the next few days!

Why? You might ask. Well the UIM Class 3A & 3B World Powerboat Championships 2014 are being held in Guernsey this week.

The Championship consists of three races and with a World Class entry the action is going to be amazing. Needless to say I will be giving full coverage.... hence my earlier comment.

If you enjoy Powerboat racing and Powerboat racing pics you will have plenty to check-out on this web-site. But, better yet, try and find time to catch at least one of the races which can be watched from the Castle breakwater. You really can't beat being there!

To start the ball rolling (and the weeks action) the Guernsey Powerboat Association held a support race for local boats not taking part in the Worlds.

I was on the water in Richard 'Turk' Vaudin's boat (thanks Turk) and captured the race which enjoyed warm low early evening light which added to the atmosphere of the shots.

Keep an eye on the site for more updates but for now here are the support race pics: