Vale Castle Sprint Galleries are now complete...

18th August 2015

My previous Blog commented on my busy weekend of Motorsport photography that included a Sandracing Championship meeting and the second running of the Vale Castle Sprint.

Of course, once the event photography has been captured the job is only half-finished for the photogs!

We then have to complete the edit :-(

This can be a chore at the best of times but when the sun is shining it really needs discipline to keep the nose to the monitor.

However it does help to have a missus standing behind you ensuring that you don't get distracted (too much) by the research you want to make about the new photo-editing computer on your wish-list!

Thankfully the missus can't hang around my office all day ;-)

I've just about managed to maintain the concentration on editing and the job is now complete.

The Vale Castle Sprint pics are now on-line. Hurray!

Check 'em out here: