Vale Earth 2013 pics are now online.... and there are hundreds :-)

01st October 2013

I blame Errol Groves. Well somebody has to take the blame and it was Errol who kept selling me the Real Ale. He obviously knows I am a bit partial to the real stuff.

It must have been the (many) pints that made me a bit trigger happy at the 2013 Vale Earth Fair.... way back in August!

Perhaps it was the knowledge that there were several hundred pics to sort through that delayed me in developing the picture galleries for this years Vale Earth Fair.

Whatever the excuses, it has been a long time coming but the updates are now live - and it was fantastic to recall all the special performances and the relaxed atmosphere of this unique Festival.

It seems that I managed to catch most of the Bands on the two main stages with a couple of very notable exceptions.... I am expecting to have to make my excuses next time I bump into these guys.

I have already worked out the excuse.... Sorry mate, it was Errol's fault!!

So the bands you will find pictures of are:

BRIGHT_LIGHTS, Buzzcocks, Of Empires, The Algorithm, The Correspondants, Brunt, Sons of the Desert, Myniemoe, The Recks, Vin Garbutt, Lifejacket, Jonny Lives!, Surfin' Birds, The John Wesley Stone, Edith's Head and Shambolix.... the end!

So you can see - I might have been slightly drunk, but I wasn't incapable officer ;-)

Hope you enjoy the pics: