Vale Earth Fair 2012.... job done!

10th September 2012

I thought I had better catch up with a few Gallery updates ahead of another 'away-day' from the studio. Well, in fact it is a few days!

September sees the Motorsport clan pack their toolboxes and tyre warmers and head off to Alderney. Alderney here we come... hope the karaoke is warmed up for Chemy and Phil ;-)

Todays additions are from way back.... the Vale Earth Fair to be precise. So many more pics have been taken since then it seems like an age ago!

So The Earth Fair Gallery is now complete with pictures of RentOClean, Sugarslam, Stone 'Em All, Brave Yesterday, Twelve Tribe Mansion, Last of the Light Brigade, Skid Rue, Land of the Giants, Wild Card, The Recks, Tantale, Speakeasy, The Gaa Gaa's & Rebel Control.

Nobody can say I don't try to give good coverage, eh?

So it will be off to Alderney and more pics, a few beers and NO, I will NOT be on the Karaoke you will be relieved to know :-)