We all deserved a dry one.....

07th June 2012

Call me a pessimist but I carried a brolly all day at the latest Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Hill Climb.
I looked a bit of a wally by the end of the day as the weather seemed to improve as time passed. Perhaps it was the fact that too many local events - not just Motor Sport - have been spoilt by the weather so far this year.
With this fact in mind we all deserved a brighter day for a change. This includes the competitors, spectators and not forgeting the photographers ;-)
The hype before the latest Hill Climb was that there was a chance for multiple new record breakers. In the end there were only a couple of new targets established so maybe the hill hadn't reached its best condition yet?
This didn't hold back the enjoyment of DRY conditions, though. More of the same please!
There was a very large entry for this latest meeting so the picture galleries are extensive. Follow this link to check them out: