We love to party in Alderney.... even at the start line!

17th September 2012

Well what can I say? Party on..... Disco dancing & smoke. Only the disco lights are missing!
Whatever music these guys are listening to it must be loud ;-)

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club have just returned from the Annual visit to Alderney. This is a highlight of the Channel Islands Motor Sport scene. There is no doubting that any competitor who makes the journey must LOVE their racing.

The logistics, cost and effort that goes into setting up a safe and successful weekend of Sprint and Hill Climb racing 'offshore' is massive. The Committee and all the many helpers and supporters are to be congratulated on another well run event.

Of course we were over in Alderney for the racing but the weekend always offers far more than that as all those involved mix for the social side as well. An outbreak of 'Alderney Flu' is the usual outcome by Sunday morning!

There was another helmet-full of new records.... something we have come to expect this year. Both events are extremely fast and inevitably attract the 'cream' of the racing scene. To watch this action from my privileged (and close!) viewpoint is quite astonishing. A certain red BMW paid me a rather close visit at the Hill Climb. I was most disappointed that no-one in the crowd of spectators got a picture of me legging it! I guess you have to be a 'pro' to keep clicking when it all 'kicks off', ha, ha!

In fact, on this occassion, even I missed the actual crash as I was breaking the 30 metre sprint record. Good job a 100 metre sprint wasn't needed - at my age!

It must have been a 'Red Car' thing this year as Tim Le Pelley had a big moment (actually it was more like five!) when his once beautiful Mini rolled over at the Sprint. He walked away having reaped the benefit of his careful car preparation. We were all very relieved.

I am now working through the weekends pics. First up are the Fort Corblets Sprint pictures.