We welcome our Jersey cousins....

19th March 2014

Music lovers at The Fermain Tavern don't hold any prejudice when it comes to bands and the music they follow. Even if this arrives from Jersey!

Any inter-island rivalries are left out on the patio when the band takes to the stage. The only thing on peoples minds is to absorb the beat (heavy in this case).

So when Stan Smith took their turn on the Fermain Tavern stage the only thing that mattered was the mosh pit. And Stan Smith are masters of orchestrating that!

As a photographer you have to balance the risk of having thousands of pounds of delicate cameras and lenses knocked to the floor and being close enough to capture the best action.

I risked all and I'm relieved to say that once again the gear lives to see another gig :-)

I've added pics of Stan Smith to the Galleries: