Welcome to my office.....

04th August 2014

Welcome to my office.... well technically maybe this wasn't my office but it sure was my workplace for a few hours!

How good is that! The only air-con was the natural kind and the only glass that I was looking through was a 200 - 400mm Nikon lens, nice.

Cue the envy and loathing... I can handle that :-)

If it makes it any easier for you, I can promise that I know how lucky I am to be able to call this sort of photography my full-time (nearly proper) job.

Of course you only get to see the end results of my work. You don't see how long I actually spend in a tiny office staring at two screens.

But I'm not going to show you that side of the job. It'll spoil the illusion!!

However it's quite safe to say that (unfortunately) my job doesn't consist of endless sun, sea and natural air-conditioning :-(

Just to get back to the illusion though... pics from my office are now on-line: