Welcome to our Jersey cousins.....

19th October 2016

We welcomed more of our Jersey musical cousins to the Fermain Tavern last Saturday.

Every year many Jersey based bands make the journey across the water to play at one of our music venues or festivals. They often comment on and compliment us on how broad and well supported our local music scene is. Generally speaking they are right, we do have an amazing amount of talent and opportunity to play live here in Guernsey.

But if you are a regular reader of my Blog you will know that I have ranted many times about how the 'punters' don't always offer their support to the bands and venues.

However I'm not going to go into that mode again, at least not this time!

No, I want to make another observation.

If you are a Channel Islander you would have grown up experiencing the (mostly friendly) banter and put-down that exists in our rivalry between Guernsey and Jersey. It is traditional with all inter-insular competition - from the annual football Muratti down. Think of it as our local version of Man U v Liverpool etc....

What struck me the other night at the Fermain Tavern whilst watching the Jersey based band Joe Long & the Bandits was that the music scene is different. Far from the rivalry (and competition) fellow musicians are supportive, respectful and loving (peace man) towards our Jersey cousins.

This just shows the power of music - especially live. But you knew that anyway didn't you :-)

You can view a few pics of Joe Young & the Bandits by following this link: