What a great place to spend a Sunday morning.... and I keep the Doctor happy :-)

15th February 2015

My doctor will be very pleased with me. He knows that my profession as a photographer doesn't feature very high on the 'active job' list!

This is because it seems that for every hour taking pics there will be three where I sit at my desk editing, captioning, tagging and admin'ing (if there is such a word) :-)

But this morning was a little different. I spent a couple of hours walking up and down the Guernsey country-side - in the mud - and perhaps more importantly in the fresh air and having fun. It's nice to get the week's allocation of exercise out of the way nice and early!

The event that ensured I was out of bed at a (fairly) early hour was the Guernsey Velo Club MTBC XC Winter Series Rnd-5 race meeting in the heart of the Island at Sherwell's fields.

The atmosphere was brilliant. Of course there was plenty of competitive spirit but many of the riders where there simply to enjoy a ride in the mud.

They weren't disappointed. Neither was I.... the mud makes for great piccies :-)

I have even managed to limit the time at the editing desk and the picture gallery featuring the GVC MTBC XC racing is already on-line.

Now that's work just how I like it: