What Guernsey does best...........

18th May 2013

We live on a beautiful Island. However it couldn't be described as large!

Inevitably this can lead to pressure on the available open spaces as the other notable charm of our residence is the huge and varied amount of sports and hobbies that the population pursue in their spare time.

Today was a good example of how we share our spaces so well.... whilst enjoying a sunny day.

Leisure activities included, for some, supporting Guernsey winning the Muratti for the first time in quite a few years, others were in Herm for a beer festival (I was VERY close to joining them)!

Instead I was on the water half way to Herm.... so close yet soooo far ;-)

But that wasn't too much of a hardship as I was offered a ring-side view on Goldie's Rib for Race-3 of the Guernsey Powerboat Association's 2013 Championship. The spirit of sharing our spaces was evident as we headed to our allocated marker whilst the Rowing Club completed a race. Everything had been timed perfectly as you wouldn't want to mix Powerboats with the oarsmen!

To make my day a near perfect one the sun showed its face and I was offered a large visiting cruise liner as a backdrop to make some of the shots a little more interesting.

So well done to our little Sarnia Cherie (If you don't live in Guernsey, that's the term of endearment we use for our little Island) , you did us proud again.