What happened to our sun?

19th May 2013

It was hard to believe that only one day had passed...

After spending a couple of very enjoyable hours in the sun yesterday photographing the Guernsey Powerboat Association's Championship racing... everything went wrong today!

The contrast couldn't have been greater. It rained all through the race, there was a strong breeze and it was dull and grey. The unavoidable result was dull and grey colours in my pics :-(

But that is what was on offer so that is what had to be worked with.

I think the biggest disappointment for me (even more than the persistent rain) was that I couldn't get into the shooting position that I had planned.

My intention was to find a vantage point on the sea-side rocks below Castle Cornet. However I soon found out the the rocks were incredibly slippery after the rain and there was every chance that I would end up smashing seventeen grand of cameras and lenses.
Not a good idea.

So I took the high view and shot from the castle's ramparts. I also turned the poor light into an opportunity and tried to capture a few slow shutter panning pics... now that is a challenge hand-holding a 600mm lens whilst exposed to all that the weather can throw at you!

I recommend not giving up when you think things are far from ideal. Try and turn conditions into an advantage. In this case I dialed the shutter down to about 125th second and used my 600mm lens. The resulting 'pans' give a feel of the racers speed. Sure its a difficult technique to master but it's rewarding to come away with a few successful, pin sharp shots.... Especially after all the discomfort :-)

See what you think of the days work that is now on-line: