What would you answer to this question......

28th January 2018

Are you man enough?

What prompts me to ask the question is a brief conversation I had with George Jennings, one of the two Ref's at Friday's Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club evening at St Pierre Park Hotel.

We were waiting for the bouts to start when George commented to me that there were several three round/three minute fights on the bill. As an ex-boxer and someone with experience playing other sports George said he felt the fight 'game' was the toughest of all! 'The fighters were going to feel the pain!'

Who was I to argue? There has never been a chance of me having the bravery, confidence, fitness or strength to want to test myself in such a public place as a boxing ring. The last fight I had (OK, it was more like a brawl) happened perhaps forty-six years ago in a dark hotel car-park and my 'bravery' had come out of a Vodka bottle!

I soon knew that George was right with his judgement. The boxing was fast, grueling, brave, exhausting... and entertaining from outside the ring ;-)

I can assure you this was the case as my privileged access to the side of the canvas meant that I could feel the shudder when the big punches found their target!

I had a busy night trying to capture the best action and I've now started the edit of the pics. So far these Bouts are featured in the Gallery. The others will follow:

BOUT-10_Billy Poullain v Mark Bebbington
BOUT-9_Casey De La Mare v Casey Brown
BOUT-8_Jimmy Lesbirel v Kayne Chapple
BOUT-7_Henrique Jesus v Dexter Makaza

Follow this link to view the pics: