Where did those 50 years go...?

09th August 2013

Where did those 50 years go...?

I think that was the question on more than a few lips at Beau Sejour yesterday evening.

The occasion was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 'real' Beatles playing in Guernsey (for first and only time) at Candie Gardens.

That original venue is long gone and the site is now occupied by a museum, and it made a bit of history when The 'Bootleg' Beatles re-created that Beatles gig... but this time it was at Beau Sejour, which is just around the corner.

I was asked at the last minute if I would pop along to take a few pics of the gig. I have to admit that I was in the 'other camp' when it came to following The Beatles - can't explain why, but I think you were either a mad fan or not...

So I looked at the job as just that... a job to be done.

But I have to concede that I found myself tapping along and singing most of the lyrics - and it I can't be argued that The Beatles wrote a LOT of great songs.

The age group of the audience for the Bootleg Beatles was 'as predicted', surprise, surprise! There were a few youngsters, maybe a hand-full, but you were in a select group if you were under 40!

The mature nature of the audience didn't stop the sing-along, however it seemed that the girls had out-grown the screaming phase! But the overall response to the band was one of a warm glow of nostalgia.

That's a nice place to be and it was enjoyed by many. Why not, eh? The kids can't be left to have all the fun :-)

I have added a gallery of pics featuring the Bootleg Beatles historic gig...