Where have all the gig-goers gone?

11th October 2014

Friday night at the Fermain Tavern was an embarrassment.

At least I felt embarrassed as a local follower of live music when I spoke to members of Killamonjambo and their tour manager.

These guys are near the end of an long and successful tour of the UK. They have played to many full-houses... but not on Friday!

The band deserved a good crowd for what they call 'England's leading barnyard funk ska reggae intergalactic dance band'.

That seems to cover a good selection of musical genres... so why didn't people turn up?

Paul Staples has to be credited with not giving up (yet) with his efforts to maintain the 'Tav's' legacy as a live music venue. But he finds himself having to finance too many nights when the punters simply don't bother to turn up.

OK, nobody is obliged to attend any of these gigs and I know there are often bands playing in other pubs. However it is only The Fermain Tavern who regularly promote established original artists. This decades long record may not last for much longer if you guys don't offer your support.

When it's gone it will be too late... Use it or Loose it!

By the way, Killamonjambo were brilliant. They were also total pro's as they raised their performance for the very select few. Even though it was 'the worst gig they had played for years' (tour managers quote).

I took a few pics: