Who gets the girls?

02nd June 2014

Well I guess that when you have spent months training for a fight and then you have to find the strength of character to finally step into a Cage, there has to be a reward at the end of the road?

The Sport of fighting (I use the term to include all genres of combat), must go back to the beginning of mankind. It must be a core factor that has taken the survival of our species forward to this time.

Nowadays it is also without question regarded as a controversial Sport by some.

I don't intend to start a debate on the rights and wrongs of this but can I have a moment to make my own observation... it is my Blog after all :-)

I've never been a fighter myself. If you take a look at me this will not surprise you. However I did have a couple of brawls as a schoolboy and a couple more in the teenage years. The later ones where fuelled by Vodka and girls featured in there somewhere too (if I remember correctly)!

What I am saying is that, however calm a person is, an occasional conflict seems to be part of growing up and establishing a 'pecking order'.

I'm not saying that it is right - I am saying that you will not change what is established over countless Millennia.

So what is my point?

Well if you accept what I have said, and I don't think it can be argued with, it remains a fact that men (and a few women) feel the need to exercise their 'primeval' instinct sometimes.

Given that fact we have to applaud that 'modern man' can vent this natural behaviour in a controlled, friendly and entertaining environment. This is what was on offer at the third Lock-In Guernsey event organised by The Full Boar Motorcycle Club at Beau Sejour last Saturday.

I think I can be a fair judge of the behaviour and atmosphere which permeated through-out the event... after all I probably spent more time in the Cage than any of the fighters (OK I was actually only hanging over the top taking pics)!

But the point I make is that whilst the fighting was as tough as you could wish to see there was NO aggravation between opponents, NO vicious behaviour just a respect between fighters that comes from the mutual understanding of a shared Sport and appreciation that anyone who was brave enough to step inside the cage, wait for the door to be slammed shut and then stand toe-to-toe with an opponent was a winner before the Bout even started.

But would we (the audience) have the same interest if there wasn't a winner? Maybe you would like to comment on that point? And surely a winner needs to be rewarded?

Of course they do. So to answer my question in the title of this Blog.

The winner is the one who gets the Girls! Nothing changes :-)

Now I begin to get what it is all about ;-)

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