Why have the updates slowed down?

13th December 2010

OK, so now the excuses! Christmas, in one word! I have to thank all you guys and girls for all the orders of Prints, Montages, Digital Files and Canvases. The preparation and production of these orders has taken a great deal of time... I know, I spend too much optimising each print!
There is another excuse as well! I currently have a 'broken' main PC. Windows 7 has thrown a huge tantrum and refuses to boot up after crashing. I have spent several days trying to rebuild Win7 using DOS as the built-in restore didn't work. I am now resigned to a reinstallation with all the activation problems with Photoshop and all my other programs... there is no shortcut.
If I can offer one bit of advice - thankfully I take my own advice - BACKUP YOUR FILES - I have backups of backups of backups...
UPDATE: It looks like I have the Computer fully restored from backups. What a HUGE hassle but I don't think I have lost a thing!! Pictures, e-mails, programs, settings, the lot have all been restored from back-ups