Why not join the Club?

08th June 2014

Wherever you go around the world you can almost guarantee on one thing being a part of any community.

This will manifest itself in different forms dependant on resources, facilities and of course money!

What I am talking about is Motorsport.

A few things will also play a central role in all these Motorsport 'scenes'... men, competition, petrol, a love of speed and an ability to tweak your own racing machine.

Another feature of most Motorsport scenes is an element of a perceived 'restricted' access to all the fun.

My experience of the Guernsey Clubs and Motorsport scene couldn't be more different from that.

I know that they are always looking for new membership and will offer all the help and guidance they can to any prospective new racer. But that doesn't change the fact that some people who might be keen to start racing find it difficult to make a first approach.

This one fact alone makes the establishment of annual Motorsport Charity events so important and useful to encouraging fresh faces into the Clubs.

Of course the main aspect of these Charity events is to raise money for local Charities and tens of thousands of pounds from previous years have been donated. This year the Heritage Hillclimb was raising funds for Channel Islands Airsearch & the Guernsey Motor Neurone Disease Association.

This year the days racing (legally) up Le Val des Terres was enjoyed by all the competitors who experienced first hand what it is like to be part of the Guernsey Motorsport scene. We hope the taste of the 'real thing' will get a few of you excited enough to come back again to compete in a full event.

You will then become part of a Global Club.

There is however one thing on my list of the 'certainties' of a Motorsport scene that might be on the change. For me it is difficult to imagine racing without the smell of petrol and the noise from a V8 but the special guest who opened the Heritage Charity Hillclimb also showcased the future, maybe?

Guernsey's own World Motorsport Champion and BMW Team driver, Andy Priaulx, demonstrated the new BMW i3 Electric car... and just to show he hadn't forgotten his way up the 'Terres he smashed the Electric vehicle class record! Not bad to say his last competitive race up this hill was in 1995 when he won the MSA British National Hillclimb Championship!

Once a racer, always a racer.

So are you going to join a Club? It really isn't a restricted area :-)

I have added a Picture Gallery featuring all the days racers. A donation of 25% of all picture sales will be made to the designated Charities