Win or Lose... does it matter?

20th February 2017

Now let me say right at the start of this Blog that the way I see it the answer to the question...

'Win or lose, does it matter?' OF COURSE IT DOES!

You are welcome to e-mail me with your own opinions on this topic ;-)

I'll expand on this subject a little more. I happen to feel that if you choose to enter into a competitive sport or activity the least you can do for yourself and indeed the competitor that you are sparing with is to put in the effort to try and win.

I'm not suggesting you should try and win at any cost but by making an effort you will often benefit from the toil... it will help to improve your skills and endurance and make you a better member of society from learning how to win with humility and lose with good grace. Heavy talk eh!

Now whilst I am advocating that you enter any competitive arena with the ambition to win it's actually possible to gather positives from a losing performance.

I was able to observe both the ups and downs that come with a win and a loss on Sunday as I photographed two Guernsey teams competing on our behalf against strong UK opposition.

I began the assignments at Beau Sejour at the 'Division Three South' Netball game between Saffery Panthers and Woodley. Guernsey started strongly but under sustained pressure they found their lead had disappeared by the end of the third quarter. In the final session the Panthers discovered new energy driven by their vocal local supporters and by the end of the game they had turned around the deficit into a 52-40 win. Amazing.

Next it was a short drive to Footes Lane to photograph Guernsey FC play Hastings United in the Ryman League. This wasn't so enjoyable as we went down 0-1. But there were similarities. Once again the local support for our team was vocal. The game was played with passion and good spirit and ultimately the participants and followers left the stadium galvanized and united as a community.

So win or lose there is usually a positive to be had from Sport.