You can't stop a Guernsey Donkey once he has made his move....

16th November 2014

The Guernsey Donkey can be a bit stubborn when you try to get it to move.

However if the carrot is big enough and it starts down the road there will be no stopping it!

I have a feeling that the Facebook campaign under the heading of 'Enough is Enough GSY' is building that unstoppable momentum :-)

The turnout for the demonstration on North Beach against the threatened new General Sales Tax, Paid Parking and increased Refuse Collection costs was fantastic.

But the trigger for the organised protest was the threat of the introduction of a mixed bag (and poorly judged) range of Vehicle Width and CO2 emission taxes. Maybe this was the final straw that broke the Donkey's back?

The Donkey's came out in force... and we're a stubborn lot :-)

I took a few pictures of the protesters. They are now on-line: