You want Metal.... call Nemesis!

20th November 2012

Guernsey's Kings of Metal held Court on the stage at The Fermain Tavern on Saturday.

Nemesis were there to support the visiting headliners, Hellfighter. I have never seen Nemesis playing to a small crowd. These guys have maintained a loyal following despite their rare appearances. Maybe people know that they have to make an effort when the Band takes to the stage..... it'll be a while before the next one!

I have photgraphed the Band several times before and have made this point at that time, but it is worth repeating. This Band might be a bit of a Rock cliche - or at least the shapes and poses they throw are... but it is certainly much more fun photographing that sort of action rather than static singers and guitarists. This band never lets me down when it comes to their showmanship!

If you are in a band and you are unhappy with the pictures you see of your peformances maybe you will take a tip from me. This is definately a case of 'you only get out what you put in'. A 'static and bland' performance will give you a 'static and bland' image!

Of course good stage lighting will also help a lot. Guernsey now has several guys who will do you a fantastic active lightshow to enhance your act. This is a great investment in my opinion.
I love professional lighting at a gig as this will always raise the standard of picture I can capture... even if it is unpredicable and monotone and really difficult to work with... here I go again, I'm falling back into 'prima-dona photographer mode' ;-)

Pics of Nemesis are now online: