Folklore Festival manages to hit a high despite the foggy start...

14th June 2016

I'm just back from Folklore Festival in Jersey.

My overall impression was a good one with a couple of disappointments... but until we can control the weather there was not a lot that the Folklore organizers could have done to change things.

The positives include the fantastic secluded Festival setting in a valley below a high reservoir dam.

Folklore also has a very friendly, family vibe. This is re-enforced by the line-up of bands which played sets chosen to build a fun, party atmosphere... nothing too dark or heavy. This is a summertime festival after all and the Folklore site is within a few hundred meters of the expansive sands of St Ouen Bay.

All the ingredients were in place for the perfect summertime festival.

But then the weather had different plans!

This led to the other disappointment. Unfortunately two of the bands that many of us were longing to see didn't manage to land at the fogbound Jersey airport.

There was a lot of reorganizing, rearranging and negotiation behind the scenes to bring the whole festival back from disaster with the headliners, the Levellers, graciously agreeing to play an earlier set to allow time for the guitarist from another of the bands, The Charlatons, to make a delayed appearance.

In the end the goodwill shown by many allowed Folklore to run smoothly and most people I spoke to were more than satisfied with their day out.

However the members of one of the bands were walking around with grins from ear to ear. Buffallo Huddleston were the proof that every fog bank has a silver lining.

The band had opened the festival in the heavy drizzle with only a few die-hard fans to play to. But after the fog affected the arrival of Slamboree and Showhawk Duo, Buffalo Huddleston were offered the chance to play again - this time to a much bigger crowd... and in the sun.

Buffalo Huddleston fully justified their opportunity and I reckon they were the band that got the party going.

Maybe you could even say that the Guernsey band came to the rescue of the Jersey Festival! Proof that we are all part of the same Channel Island family :-)

I'm working through my pics and the first galleries featuring Levellers, The Charlatons, Dubioza Kolektiv (a really great band), Buffalo Huddleston, J-C & the Loony Tunes and The Smooth Hounds are now online. Others will follow: