The first 'The Gathering' showed great promise.....

19th July 2016

OK, I know I'm a bit of a cynic. This often gets me in trouble with my missus ;-)

So I suppose I was in 'normal' mode as I walked down my road towards Guernsey's latest Music Festival. The site was almost in shouting distance of my Guernsey cottage and there were many more residences a LOT closer that mine.

So as I made my way to the festival site I was half expecting the whole thing to be shut down as soon as the Main Stage turned the sound level up to ten! It's a sad fact, in this modern world, that if one or two people make a complaint about noise their 'rights' can take precedence over the many.

But I'm pleased to say that I was wrong on this one. Maybe a first ;-)

Careful and sensible management of the sound levels and a refreshing tolerance by the neighbors enabled the full three days of performances to be completed. Thank you St Sampsons residents!

I had also wondered as I made my way to The Gathering if such an ambitious set-up spread over three days could be pulled off when this was the first attempt... and (for maybe only the second time) I had got this one wrong too!!

Cage & Stage Productions must be praised and congratulated on how well organized and 'complete' their first Festival was. There were a few small problems but hey, I'll give them an impressive 9 out of 10 for most aspects and I think there is a very solid base in place if they have the enthusiasm and energy to give it another go in 2017.

Fingers crossed :-)

I hadn't intended to take many pics... we all need a break sometimes, but it seems I got into the atmosphere and the cameras started clicking! So I will be adding quite a few picture galleries in the next couple of days.

First up are two of the most popular bands in Guernsey. Fade to Grey and King Rat and the Soul Cats. Check-out the pics here: